Who am I

The journey so far!

It is said when you love what you do you don’t work a day in your life. I am so grateful for a career after years of searching and "doing the work" (on myself) which makes this my reality. Before creating a life I love, I had many years were the idea for remote work and flexibility was a burning desire within me. I am so grateful that this is my every day experience, and I have created even more love, joy, happiness, and abundance.   

I am passionate helping others have the courage to create a life they love! Have you ever considered making creating a life you love a personal goal? If not, I encourage you to invest some time now in considering what that could look like for you. 

  To be inspired and loving, enjoy the present and create lasting change for my life and others.

- My Personal Mission

My values

I believe in being kind. I choose love not fear based living! I wake up and fall asleep (mostly) HAPPY because I have developed many habits in my life that have helped me develop the skills of: present moment awareness, an appreciation for silence, flexing frugality some days, and finding joy in life's simple pleasures!

I value my physcial and mental health. I value good quality food. I value quality time with my friends and family. I value creating habits that bring me joy, like doing some for of movement. I value growth opportunities. I value spa services like mani/pedi's and massage therapy. I value alternative medicines and treatment options. I value essential oils. I value both my incoming and outgoing money, which affords me a safe home to live in, nourishment, the ability to travel, have new experiences, save and invest for my financial independence.